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Miranda and Damien

3rd November 2001

The joining in marriage between
*Best Friends*

The Ceremony & Reception were held
the Historic "Prospect House"
Richmond ~ Tasmania


~ Magical Moment ~
Oh ~ What Joy!



~ The Cake ~
Two hearts joined in love,
one the traditional Fruit Cake,
and the other, a modern Mud Cake.


~ Sisters ~
The Bride ~ Miranda - Aldonna, Vanessa,
their half-sister, Whitney

Even the *duck* joined in.

Scene ~ Historic Richmond Bridge

~ The Flowers ~
Gerbera Wands & Basket
were arranged by Linda ~ Mother
Laurie ~ Grandmother

In the early morning hours of the Wedding Day,
not much sleep had by either of
these two *grin*

~ Greetings and Best Wishes Book  

A Guest Book has been provided if you should wish
to leave your best wishes to the
Bride & Groom
The story of this day unfolds on the following pages

Lyrics & Midi -

Page 2
The Day Dawns
Page 3
A Favourite Place
Page 4
Let The Ceremony Begin
Page 5
A time For All
Page 6
Informality Reigns
Page 7
Final Words & Wishes Book

The Historic Village of Richmond is one of the
oldest settlements in Australia.

To see more of Richmond visit the link on the
"Final Words" page.

Pages created with much love by the
proud Grandmother - Laurie

Photo's taken by Linda, Laurie, & Barry


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November 2001




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