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Tasmania has:-
18 National Parks - much of which is untouched Wilderness,
and listed as World Heritage.

For such a small population About 470,000 we have produced
an amazing amount of ... New Technology!

Tasmanians have a long history of making, innovating and succeeding.

I have selected some of their notable achievements.

Information came from an article in our newspaper:-)

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My City ... Launceston:  Settled in 1805
First in the World:      First in Southern Hemisphere:
First in Australia:

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Lets begin with ... First in the World: 

1890's - Dr. John Ramsay did the first pancreas transplant in an attempt
to cure diabetes, 11 years before insulin was discovered and nearly
50 years before the US claimed the "first"  human pancreatic
transplant in 1996.

  1890's - Frederick Matthias Alexander pioneers the Alexander
Technique, a method of refining learned postural habits to improve
and prevent health conditions.

1920: First laminated tennis racquet.

1925: Eric Waterworth invented the stepped centre spindle,
later used in record changers.

1940's: The first humicrib was invented by Dr. William McIntyre,
who was an engineer before completing his medical training.

1973: Longest single-span chairlift, built at the Cataract Reserve,
it is 308m long.

1998: Breeding of seahorses in captivity.

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Next - First in Southern Hemisphere:

1847: first use of anasthetics for operation, by Dr. Pugh, beaten by
2 months by a South African Surgeon Dentist.

1864: The trout atchery at the Salmon Ponds

1976: Atmospheric station for tracking the changing make-up of the

Also - Launceston was the first city lit by hydro power providing
electric street lighting.

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Now - First in Australia:

Too many to list all - so here is my selection :-)

1814: First licensed hotel

1824: Cascades Brewery was built.

1836: The Horticultural Society was established.

1864: Launceston Church Grammer private school, opened,
and has continually functioned.

1860: Underground sewerage systenm installed.

1955: Parking meters were installed.

1970: Permanent daylight saving was introduced.

1973: Wrest Point Casino opened.

1983: Incat - the wave piercing catamarans were developed
by Hercus & Clifford.

Also - the first telephone call was made from Launceston.


Tasmania is the 2nd most popular Island Tourist Destination,
Bali being the most popular!

The Island State of Tasmania is Australia's smallest state
(65,000 sq. km.), and was the second settlement in Australia
after Sydney.

The first settlers arrived in 1803 to what is now our capital city, Hobart.

It was a penal settlement to house prisoners from the United Kingdom,
much of this early penal history can be seen around the state.

It takes its name from Abel Tasman who first charted the island
in 1642 and originally named it Van Diemens Land.

Tassie is also considered the cleanest environment in the world!

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