Midi - And the band played "Waltzing Matilda"
To quote our great Country Singer, John Williamson ...

"We are drifting in the ocean alone now,
Like a beautiful ship at sea,
I can't feel those chains any longer,
I love this big country"

Population approx. 480,000


During our travels we met so many people who had been to our island,
they spoke so highly about the beauty of our home state.

This praise was so surprising to us yet genuine.

After seeing all the "Wonders" Australia had to offer it really
puzzled us.

After sailing across Bass Strait on an overnight ferry trip, we docked
at Devonport, and discovered the first inkling of what the
Mainlanders meant, the air was so fresh and clear!

On our drive home to Launceston we began to see Tassie through
new eyes.

Here we have our own unique beauty, a beauty we had always taken
for granted.

I hope I can now show some of this beauty to you!


Tasmania - a land apart - separated by the 240 K's of the most
treacherous waters of Bass Strait!

  July 2005
Basslink have completed laying the longest submarine cable from
the Mainland to Tasmania.
This cable is reported as being the longest such cable in the world
approx. 300 kilometres.
It will be used to carry electricity power - Tasmania uses Hydro
power and Victoria is powered with Coal.

 The people of Tasmania are hospitable and friendly and they
welcome all visitors to their shores.

Most visitors are surprised to find it takes so long to travel from
one populated area to another - by looking at the map they
think they can go round the island in one day.

What they do not realise is - there are very few straight or flat roads.

 Visitors will experience rainforests, mountains, the Great Lakes,
caves and farmland - all easily accessible.

 More than 40% of the island has been declared
"A World Heritage"

Nearly a third of the island is protected within its fourteen
national parks.

Our State is also considered to be the "greenest" State in
the world.

 History is a major draw card to the visitor - Aborigine people lived
here for tens of thousands of years, and many rock paintings
can be seen depicting the spirit of these wonderful people.

Flinders Island & King Island are also a part of Tasmania
surrounded by the waters of Bass Strait.

These waters around King Island have the wrecks of many ships lying
on the bottom of the sea.

Bass Strait was formed as a result of the melting of ice after the last
Ice Age, and consequently Flinders and Cape Barren became
islands, and the Aborigines of Tasmania were cut off from
their mainland counterparts.

These islands are different - Flinders Island being Rural with a
close knit indigenous community - whereas King Island is
mainly farmland, with the production of the famous
King Island Dairy Products.

These Islanders refer to Tassie as their "Mainland"

We also have a small island off the coastline further south
than Hobart, called Bruny Island.


Interesting Tasmanian Firsts
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Come follow me now and enjoy the trip!

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Heritage Highway ... Central Highlands
Islands of Tasmania


Historic Village - Richmond
Said to be the best kept village in Australia.

Richmond is home for many Tasmanian people
living their normal lives ...

Just like you & me!

Come & see for yourself ... Visit

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Midi - And the band played "Waltzing Matilda"

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