Touring the Tamar Valley

The Tamar Valley is a "Little Piece of Heaven"

Midi Playing - Cruising Down the River

Batman Bridge
Looking down the river towards Launceston.

The Tamar river begins in a magnificant manner in the heart
of Launceston, where the South Esk and North esk join
the Tamar, and flows to the sea.

Travel along the High-ways & By-ways with me and discover the
beauty of the Valley.

A "Wine Route" will guide you to the many vineyards, noted
for their fine wines.

I m not a wine drinker so I cannot speak first hand about the wine
route ... but I do know the Tamar Valley wines are becoming
known around the World!

Berry farms are here, there and everywhere - most of them offer
the "pick your own" deal and while doing so you may eat
as you pick :-)

When our children were young we took them, and they were in
"Seventh Heaven"

We will travel along the western side of the Tamar River, cross the
Batman Bridge and travel back to Launceston along the eastern side
of the river.

Perhaps even taken a couple of small detours of interest :-)

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Start your journey by visiting the Cataract Gorge in my hometown,

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Laurie   2003

I have gathered some of the photos from friends and surfing,
I do not know who owns them, if they are yours please
email me and I will give you credit.




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