Page 1  ... 1983

Because my set of "Tangled Tales" was designed for a journal for my
Granddaughters and Great Grandchildren, I will place full names of
those people in the photos, at the bottom of this page.
17 Strangers, Friends & Relatives came together on this happy day!
Rita & Willie Post - 2 daughters, only Michelle in the photos
May & Adam Sloan
Lois & Don Harper - daughter Lindene & her friend
Linda & Barry - Aldonna, Vanessa, Miranda
Laurie & George
Where the children and young mothers sat :-)

L ...Vanessa, Aldonna, Michelle           R ... Rita & Linda

The 2 girls on the bed are Lindene Harper and her friend.
The others - Vanessa, Aldonna, Michelle, and chubby
little Miranda *S*
Now come & see the "Oldies"