Poppa & Aldonna - 1994

"Summer Time"
And the Livin' is Easy ... Don't we wish it could go on forever!

 There have been so many little things in our lives that have brought
such joy and sunshine to us all.

I would like to share some of our Kelso moments now with you, such
as impromptu activities and parties.

For Instance!

Barry J. came into our lives when he met Linda, the girls were
just 4 5 & 6 years old.

It was on his first time camping with us that he learned from the
girls, that it was time to run whenever Gran said ...
"I've got an idea"

When the girls heard me say that they all, in unison, yelled
"Run Barry Run"
Gran means a job is to be done by someone!

Naturally I then had to chase him round and round the tents,
I had to let him win of course, the girls wouldn't accept it
any other way!

This small thing in particular is still around today.
Well ... not the chasing by me of course :-)

Moments like these have left their mark indelibly in
our hearts!

I am happy to share some of these moments now
with you!

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