Aldonna is wearing a lemon top.

I was popping corn one day and Aldonna's little face
lit up as she said "It is like a party Gran"

I decided then that is what it would be, I said
"go and get some of your friends and we WILL have
a party - RIGHT NOW!"

The photo shows some of them *S*
as the Midi says - Come On Aussie, come on come on ...

"Let's Have a Party"

There have been many little parties since then where we
often played games and told tales.

Even around a bonfire at night - a special treat for the
girls - they got to stay up later *S*

One particular party has stayed in my mind all these years,
although I just cannot recall much detail about it,
just that it was a wonderful day!

Read on and you may understand why detail is fuzzy in
my mind!

We expected a visit from some of Linda's friends, but
what we didn't expect was ....

"All the friends who chose that day to pay us a visit"

None knew of the others - some fairy or gremlin must
have spread the word *grins*

With 17 people this turned into being ....

"A Doozy of Party"


We always had a full stores cupboard, ready for any

Easy - we cleared the centre of the main room of our
tent, placed seats around the walls, along with the
table fully extended.

Cafeteria style - they all lined up in the awning area,
filed in & helped themselves.

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Laurie - July 2003