Linda - Vanessa - Aldonna
In my bedroom in the tent, a popular place for

a chat and a sing song!

"Good Morning Gran"
The girls loved to come and visit their Gran before she
got up.
Gran was never on breakfast duties! :-)

 There we would chat and sing songs - many of the girls'
favourite songs were taught to them while I skulked
in my bed.
I hasten to add I cannot sing in tune.

I am a hopeless singer, but the kids forgave me, they just
loved the words in the early days.

They learned the tunes as they got older :-)

The first one was "My Grandfather's Clock" one of
Aldonna's favourites.

Another one they all liked was ...
"I'm a Lonely Little Petunia in an Onion Patch"

With me providing all the sniffles and snuffles and drying
of my eyes!

The girls all like to play these old songs on the keyboard

Miranda's favourite was "You are My Sunshine" which
was always sung as the girls helped with the dishes.

I don't recall a particular one for Vanessa, but she did
like "Jesus Loves Me"
This one was a "must" when in the car :-)

It also became a ritual in later years; that when the girls
travelled in my car "Gran's Special Tape" had to be
Included on the tape also was ...
Onward Christian Soldiers
I wandered today to the hills Maggie
and ...
The favourite one, their own version of ...
The Vegemite Song!
with their words own words as follows :-

We're happy little campers,
We're as bright as bright can be,
We all enjoy our Kelso Camping,
In summer heat and winter too,
Because we love our Kelso Camp,
We all adore our Kelso Camp,
It puts a smile on every face.
~ Miranda 1990~

Hey Look Mum! ... Something sure was amusing
Vanessa! (Maybe it was me!)

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 Laurie - July 2003