Poppa & Miranda - preparing their lines to go ...

"Fishing ... For What!"
Were they lucky? - Read on and find out!


Great Excitement - Miranda caught one!
See Gran - this is how I killed it!

It might only be a small fish but in our eyes, it was
a fantastic catch!

I want a photo please - but I don't want to touch it!

She enjoyed this day, and all the days spent with Poppa,
sometimes they spent hours checking out their lines
and the tides!

 I did not exist in their world - at least not until it was
time to cook that fish.

I was given strict instructions on how she wanted it
prepared and served ....
.... But not for her to eat - no way! - nor Poppa, it had
too many bones for him ...

.... that's right - you have guessed it - and I must say I did
enjoy it immensely!

The photo was taken on her command :-)

There had to be a record of it - that's for sure *grins*


Finally - all good times must come to an end, so we helped Miranda
pack her car - and sadly said our goodbyes - until the next
time *grins*

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Laurie - July 2003