The Historic Village ~ Richmond ~ Tasmania



St. John's Church

 Two of Richmond's famous landmarks are visible from the banks
of the Coal River, the Richmond Bridge and St. John's Roman
Catholic Church.

Above photo seen in the distance over the Bridge, this was taken
from the top of a hill.

The photo below, taken low down on the river banks, shows the
church beneath an arch of the bridge.


      This view is treasured by keen Photographers.

This is the oldest Catholic Church in Australia, commencing services
in 1836. They still hold regular services today.

Recently my Grand Daughter took me for the "Grand Tour" around
Richmond to get some updated photos.
This proved much harder than we anticipated. There has been so much
growth of trees and shrubs.
It was very difficult to be able to get "decent" photos, but we did the
best we could, and here, in these pages, are the results.

Driving up to see this magnificent church, it is now a most difficult
place to get a photo of the full view, like all around Richmond
trees have taken over so much of the countryside.

St. Luke's Anglican Church

Designed by John Lee Archer and built by convict labour.
Building commenced in 1834.
James Thomson, the convict who did the timber work inside the
roof was granted his freedom because he did such a good job.
The clock in the tower originally came from St David's Church
in Hobart and was installed in 1922.

Regular services are still held here

Driving up to the church, the sandstone colour with the black clock
face, with gold numbers and pointers, looked so beautiful
sparkling in the sunshine.

This is my grand daughter's favourite place to visit.

Unfortunately, much of this beautiful Church has been hidden by
the many trees around it.



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