Fire - Flood - Storm

 *Kelso Happenings*

Storms sometimes have moments that allow us to enjoy them, or
make us smile ... not that I really ever enjoy lightning!

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Aldonna in her own tent!

When she was not yet three, her Poppa and I bought her a tent.
We just intended for her to play in it at first, until she got used to it,
but she had other ideas and slept in it from night one!

A few nights later the wind in the pine trees was sooo loud I thought
Aldonna may be afraid, so I got up to check.

Her tent was very close to ours, so I sat and watched through a window,
as her walls billowed in the wind.

I sat and sat - and nary a peep from her, eventually thunder and
lightning - along with heavy rain - started.

So I still sat and sat - and no movement from her - or anyone!

What seemed hours and hours later the storm abated, and all was quiet,
so I crawled back into my bed.

Next morning nobody believed me when I mentioned the storm, not
until other campers asked if we weathered the storm ok!

These photos were taken a year or so later when the tent was not
needed to be right next to ours.

Independence, even to a child is so important - and even more
important are the lessons learnt whilst achieving it!
Aldonna is the tallest, then Vanessa and the little tot striding out is

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The Day A Tree Was Struck!
Linda was outside having an early morning coffee when she saw lightning
strike one of the large trees down near the pool.

It just very slowly lowered itself to the ground - but the noise it made as
it hit the ground was deafening.

By the time we all scrambled out to see it was all over - just a huge gap
in the row showing where it should have been.

It was to be a fun day for the kids - although it rained all the time, it was
not cold and the simple act of needing to take the kids to the toilet
also became FUN!

The cry went up - shoes and sox off please!
And we would go - barefooted through the grass, much to the kids delight!

It made good sense - it meant dry sox and shoes were waiting for us
on our return.

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  Laurie - June 2003

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