Fire - Flood - Storm

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Storms are something we wish we could avoid but alas that is not
possible - we have to take the good with the bad!

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  The first storm that affected us - happened just after we had spent a day getting
the tents erected and "furnished" ready to begin camping the next week.

We needed to do our preparation in advance because we had three grand daughters
under the age of four.

Then early one morning a few days later, the phone rang with the news that our tents
were down and in a bad way while.

Our tent was less than 1 year old.

We were insured and able to replace ours immediately with the co-operation of the
store and the insurance company.

Linda was not so lucky and it looked like her family would not be able to join us.
Luckily the Caravan Park owner had a similar tent and lent it to us, so we once
again got busy erecting them.

That storm was so bad it rolled caravans around the park.

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Our next storm was entirely different! Come See!

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Laurie - June 2003

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