Fire - Flood - Storm

*Kelso Happenings*


Although we do get heavy rain at times the ground drains very quickly,
it goes deep down to an ancient lake.
Incidently a bore also brings water up from the lake for camp use.

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 In the earlier days there was many low level areas, one is in the corner
where I scrambled through the pines to see the fire in the
previous page.

A family camped down there was flooded and the cry went up "all able bodied
men, come and lend a hand"

Cars came and loaded up with the family gear ... then with someone at each
pole around the tent ... they "walked" it up the rise to dry ground.


That was a sight to behold - not that I had much time to take in the sight, I was
busy feeding the young children from the tent - including a baby.

Our tent eventually became a "camp kitchen" and I "fed and watered" the large
family, looking after them until they were safely anchored again
and dried out.

They had been ready to give up and go home, but after all the help they received
they took heart, and stayed out their time.

This "looking out for one-another" and helping if possible, is what makes
Kelso Sands such a magical place to stay.

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Laurie - June 2003

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