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Telling Tales on My Dad!

And this little fella knows they are true :-)
After all he likes to live in the hen house too!


Dad loved his hens, they were all show birds, and there was
nothing too good for them.
He lovingly spent hours preparing them for the various shows.
First came the bath!
For this Dad raided Mum's laundry, using up all her "Persil"
and knobs of "Reckitts Blue"

Then came the suds-ing, the rinsing and ... quick hide your
towels, if you did not he would pinch them to dry those
"special" birds.
Next ... Living Room furniture was shoved out of the way and
newspaper spread on the floor.
A roost was quickly erected and placed near the fire ... no room
for us, we sat in the cold kitchen.
Actually this was preferred, the smell of wet feathers was not
pleasant :-(

But it was all worth it, if you saw all the hundreds of ribbons
he would display ... given half a chance.


These pampered birds would have my Dad's daily company
in the hen house.
Perched in the middle of the roost beside the hens, he would
sit and cut lucerne with Mum's scissors.
(if she did not hide them)
That may seem ok to you BUT ...
.... he would be whistling also, and always the same tune,
a hit tune of the era - the early 1940's.

The name of that tune!
Ok - you would never guess so I will tell you!

 "This Is Worth Fighting For! "
I gathered my loved ones around me.
And I gazed at each face I adore.
Then I heard that voice within me thunder,
This is worth fighting for!.

By The Way!
The only gardening my Dad did was a patch of lucerne for
the hens.
One thing I know for sure is ... they would never have
ended up here LOL

I hope you have enjoyed this tale HaHa!

 Thank you for calling in!

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Laurie - June 2003




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