Would You Believe It!

Have you ever been sold or given a "lemon"
Come smile with me!

Over the years we had our fair share of lemons, so
I devised a check list of how to spot a ....


It most likely is a lemon!
"Think Twice" before you buy!

Believe the sales person, if the bed is supposedly soft
"Give it some very rough treatment"
Take all the kids and the dog along and begin
"The bounce test"

Believe an article of clothing has dye fast colours
"Give it some rough treatment"
Go armed with a strong, hot, washing solution, and
"Liberally spray the article"

Believe one brand of icecream is better than another
"Give it the taste treatment"
"Have your spoon at the ready to sample both"

Believe the shopkeeper saying china is unbreakable
"Give it your own special and easy test"
"Drop it and watch it shatter"

Believe the great deals "Door to Door" sellers offer
"Challenge them to prove it there and then"
"Then watch them squirm"

The gullibility of some people is incredible at times,
so always be on your guard and don't be one and
fall into the trap!
Having read my useful tips - do you believe me!


Engage in talking with a phone seller, ask immediately
for their phone number, saying you will call back.
"They will be gone in 10 seconds flat"

Apart from that "Pucker Up" hang on and have
fun whilst shopping.

Maybe even stopping by here for a cool refreshing

Thank you for calling in!

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Midi - I can't smile without you ...
Laurie - July 2003



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