Would You Believe It!

A story about my car KE2000! ... Believe it? ... We hardly did!


We needed to replace my car for a larger one, to tow us safely
around Australia.
It had to be my car it was in a far better condition than George's
"Work Horse" :-)
Our priority list of requirements was asking a bit much, but we
were hoping to get some of them.
We hoped for in this order, an automatic rather than a manual
drive, air conditioning, power steering, not be too old a model,
and be a car that was affordable.

We had a friend in the car sales business - he was looking out
for just the right one, hoping to fulfil some of our wishes.

A phone call came - we are on the way out with a car for you!
Great excitement - then into our drive came a car that looked
almost new ... woweee we thought, but what has it got
re our needs??


Months later, whilst in Queensland!
George knew that a girl from Cyclone Office (where G worked)
lived in the area, so we decided to pay a surprise visit!

We were having a wonderful time, then her husband came rushing
in saying ... 'What is Krystal's car doing in our driveway?'

Astonished looks with gaping mouths greeted him - what on earth
do you mean was asked by us all!


He knew the former owner - in fact, he and Krystal took "week
about" driving each other to their workplace, (not Cyclone)
about a 40 minute drive away.
Then our hosts moved to Queensland, and did not know the car
had been sold.
Because the car sales people had bought, and then sold the car
to us, there was no former owner information, only their
own details on the papers.

KE2000 was also a personalised registration number plate.

We had often wondered why the car had recently had expensive
tape recorder equipment installed, just a few weeks prior, the
receipt for that was still in the glove box :-)

Also personalised number plates are not usually sold with the
It appears K E had formed a relationship with a partner, who
also had a good car, and they needed a deposit for a home.

Hence the sale!
Learning this sure set our minds firmly to rest, a niggling
worry we had was that maybe we had bought a car with
some weird habits.
But no - the car was a good friend - and still is for me today!

George did not know the husband ... and I was a complete
stranger to them both, yet thousands of kilometres from
home we learned the history of our car.

Truly a case of - truth is stranger than fiction!


 Thank you for calling in!

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Laurie - June 2003



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