Midi playing - Morning Breeze

"Whispering Trees"

A summer's eve and a soft warm breeze put the fairies at their ease...
Their forest friends all come to see what a happy place it is to be!


Zephyr - (Meaning soft wind) is so called because of her
gentle touch.

She feeds the gentle doves as the forest friends visit to say hello!

Zephyr also feels the excitement of the trees, as they hear that
Tranquility is about to visit them.

Zephyr says ....

If you sit a while - so very still - you may hear the whispering of
the trees as they pass Tranquility's grants across the lands.

Meanwhile ...

Early each morning ...

In the soft warm light and a gentle breeze, the most gentle of
God's Creatures gather ...

"With the Fairies, in the Glen"

Rabbits and mice play hide and seek, as the deer come to drink
at the cool waters.

The coo of the dove is gentle and soothing, bringing to all
the promise of peace and hope.

Butterflies and bees flit from plant to plant, helping the flowers
to continue giving beauty and joy.

The flowers all nod their heads in agreement whilst adding to
the beauty of life.



Thank you for visiting me!



Midi playing - Morning Breeze

Thank you so much for such a beautiful set
my friend.

Laurie - 2003




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