Midi Playing - Fairy Tales.

"Sprites of The Glen"

All Sprites are lively and full of "wheedling" charm,
Who can resist them?

"Not I"

Lilikya and Bryoney are the fairy keepers of all sprites,
they care for all who live here.

They tell us ...

To take each moment in life and enjoy to the full, even
a "bad" day will come to a close, with a brand new
day, awaiting the dawn of tomorrow.

They both are all "aflitter" and "aflutter", their giggles
are heard throughout the glen.

They know Tranquility is on the way to visit them
and it fills their hearts with joy.

Our sweet Sprites are tiny and sweep by so quickly: it is hard
to see them, but if you feel something very soft, like
the brush of a downy feather, you will know
that one has touched you.

Their touch will fill you with such joy - you will feel
like dancing!



Thank you for your visit!



Midi Playing - Fairy Tales.

Thank you for such a beautiful set
my friend.

Laurie - 2003






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