Midi playing - Tiny Bubbles


  "Fairy Sprinkles"

 Fall silently and oh so gently, in crystal bubbles;
pure and soft as newly fallen snow!


Shymmera's bubbles seem to glisten more today as they
sense the arrival of Tranquility!

Shymmera's Wand ...

... delivers blessings upon all who feel her gentle breath;
bringing the promise of much happiness!

Her sprinkles are likely to tickle your nose and make you
smile if they land on your face.

One of the favourite visits for Shymmera is to call upon
a new born babe.

Weddings are another of her much loved visits, where
she leaves her "calling card" upon all.


Shymmera spreads love around the world - you too could
feel her presence - all you need to do is to give *love*
to others, and one day she will come to you!

Your gift of love must be given from the heart, seeking
nothing in return.
For there is no greater gift that you could give!

For those who receive the gift of love from Shymmera,
or another ...

Treasure it - it is worth more than gold!




Thank you for visiting me!




Midi playing - Tiny Bubbles


Thank you for such a beautiful set
my friend.

Laurie - 2003



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