Midi playing -You Fill Up My Senses
(Annie's Song)


The rose has long been the symbol of love!
Oh what beauty to behold!
No other flower could be as sweet!

"Roses in The Glen"

Romantyca whispers gently to her flowers, that they
must look their best today, although she does not
know why!

She tends the flowers in the basket, each petal
must be placed to show its beauty!

Her gentle touch weaves magic among the petals!

The blooms all smile as her fingers move among them
with a touch as soft as a snowflake!

 The soft early morning dew, then the gentle warmth
of the rising sun, enhances the feel of the rose petals,
and releases their magical perfume to:-

"Fill up your senses!" 


Romantyca says ...

Come sit a while - gather your thoughts, your hopes
and dreams, whilst you smell the sweet rose.

The heavenly sweet perfume will transport you to many
a lovely memory, for you to enjoy once more.

Touch the soft petals as they unfurl so gracefully, it
is like touching the richest of velvet.

Time will pass so sweetly for you as you sit with me!

Then when you are ready to go along your way, you
will carry the memory of this visit locked forever
in your heart!




Thank you for visiting me!



Midi playing -You Fill Up My Senses
(Annie's Song)


Thank you for such a beautiful set
my friend.

Laurie - 2003






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