Midi Playing - Fairy Gavotte

The Fairy necklace sparkles by the water of the pond...
It brings her special magic from the fairyland beyond.

 "Tranquility's Pool"

As Tranquility sits beside her rippling pool, she weaves
her magic necklace through her fingers.

Each bead represents a friend in need, and she grants
each one, the ability of finding peace
within their heart.

Tranquility says ...

 Come - Journey through the Glen with me!
I feel my fairies are in need, we will discover together
what this could be!

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begins with Whispering Trees.
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Whispering Trees

Butterfly Kisses

Wings of a Dove

Sprites In The Glen

Sleepy Hollow

Magical Perfume

Fairy Sprinkles

Come Fly With Me

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  Midi Playing - Fairy Gavotte

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