Midi playing - Butterfly Kisses

Butterflies and Fairy Lights whirling in a ring ...
These are all such merry thoughts that make the fairies sing!

 "Butterfly Kisses"



Sophyna senses in the kisses of the butterflies that a visit
from Tranquility is on it's way.


Sophyna says ...

... fairies themselves are so gentle and they love to gather
gentleness, from others, around themselves,
like a cloak.

The velvety soft butterfly will always be close - even if
you do not always see them - they are there!

The beauty and grace of a butterfly fills your heart
with joy!

If you should be blessed with a kiss from a butterfly,
consider it a gift from the Creator.

They bring love, hope and light to those they touch!




 Thank you for visiting me!


Midi playing - Butterfly Kisses

Thank you so much for this beautiful set
my friend.

Laurie - 2003


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