Midi Playing - This Magical Moment

Elves play, through-out the day,
in the
"Sleepy Hollow"

Frolyca is the keeper of Sleepy Hollow, and welcomes
all visitors, bidding them to sit a spell and feel the
wonder of

"This Magical Moment"

She hears the chattering of the imps and learns that
something exciting is about to happen!

Could it be a visit from Tranquility?

Frolyca tells us ...

All about the happy and mischievous Elves who
live in this sleepy hollow!

They run here and there around the glen, and their
mischievous humour lifts the spirits of all.

You will know if one touches you - you will feel a smile
land upon your face!

Frolyca loves playing games with all the Elves.
A special impishness invades the air when-ever she is

Sometimes - just once in a while - one becomes just a
little bit naughty.

Frolyca has a little talk to the impish one and gently
teaches him how he should behave.


If you keep your eyes alert you may spy one peeping out
from behind a tree, or over head, high up in the
tallest branches.

Others are so tiny they can hide behind a toadstool, they
even use them as their homes.

So dear friends - always tread carefully when you visit a
sleepy hollow.

You would not wish to disturb or hurt the elves!

Would You!



Thank you for your visit!



Midi Playing - This Magical Moment

Thank you for such a beautiful set
my friend.

Laurie - 2003




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