Midi playing - I'll Fly Away

Vivacity jumps for joy as she senses the approach
of Tranquility.

Vivacity says ...

All things are possible ... if you believe!
If you really want to you will fly away, even
if it is only in your thoughts!

"Come Fly With Me"

 Sadly ...

It is now time for us to say farewell until another day,
stay well ... stay happy ... and believe!

Journey safely my friends and always remember your
visit to the magical place of ...

... Tranquility's Glen!

All the fairies of the glen have gathered here ...

Lilikya & Bryoney

... to give blessings and love to you as you
journey on through life.

May their blessings be with you always!

On hearing the happy laughter echoing throughout
the glen, Tranquility became aware that her
fairies needed her visits, to re-affirm just
how much ...

She Treasured Them!

Tranquility says ...

To all you dear visitors - share your love and take
some from my glen as you leave today.

Remember - that friendships are precious - be sure
your friends know you treasure them.

By giving and receiving love we surely can make
our world a happier place!

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Midi playing - I'll Fly Away

Thank you for this beautiful set
my friend.

Laurie - 2003






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