"Listen to Your Heart "

Midi - My heart will go on ...

Along life's Hi-ways & By-ways many decisions have
to be made ... it is then that you must ...

"Listen To Your Heart"

At times a battle is fought between the head and heart.

So just remember ... the head uses cold logic where-as
the heart uses warmth and compassion.

When some problems seems too hard to solve, let


come to help you through.

Love given freely, is returned two-fold, making any
problem easier to solve.

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I have found also, that to "sleep" on any problem
can be helpful, many times the solution is there,
waiting for me when I awake.

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In parting ...
I do hope your problems are few and far between,
and may peace at heart be your friend.


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Midi - My heart will go on ...


  Created by Laurie - 2006



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