"Valentine's Day"

Midi - Unchained Melody

The Valentine Custom of giving and receiving tokens
became very popular around 1780.

The red rose has traditionally been the symbol of love,
originating in France in the 18th century.

Many valentines were sent anonymously - but always
with the hope that the sender would be recognised.

A typical anonymous valentine is like the one below,
this one came out of my head *Grins*



To My  "Dream Valentine" 

Thank you for being  "You"

I have only seen you in my dreams, yet I know you are
as sweet as the red, red rose, and your sparkle is
as bright as the diamond.


You make me smile, and dream awhile,
On things that might have been,
Another day, another time,
You could be mine.

Alas - that is not to be!


 Or perhaps one day my dream may become reality!

Until then - all I can do is ... Dream, Dream, Dream!


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Midi - Unchained Melody

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