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The Pilgrims bravely sailed across the seas in the Mayflower,
and landed on the shores of America.

A time to give thanks - how it began!

In Australia we do not celebrate this Thanksgiving of
course, but I DID do some research to learn :-)

The first thanksgiving day lasted three days, during which
the Pilgrims feasted on wild turkey and venison with
their Indian guests.

This first Thanksgiving Day was in the autumn of 1621.

On November 26, 1789, President Washington issued the
proclamation of a nation-wide day of thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Day in the United States is an annual day
of thanks for the blessings of the past year, observed
on the fourth Thursday in November.

This is a time of year to be spent with family and friends.
Although one person always seems to get stuck with
preparing the festive feast :-)

I am sure that this feast is always prepared with love and
enjoyed by all ... and I bet there were many willing
hands to help clear away :-)


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Happy Thanksgiving - from Laurie




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