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On this page I have assembled pages for special occasions,
they are not greetings as such, but informative as to
why we celebrate each occasion.

All pages are linked with a next button, but if you prefer
to select from here, this blue button on each page
will bring you safely back to here.

I do hope you enjoy these pages!


Mother's Day ... A time to remember all the love and patience
she gave us as we were growing up!

Father's Day ... Remembering he also had many long hours
hoping that all would be well for us!

Valentine Time ... What a lovely way to dream, the perfect
valentine may arrive in the mail :-) :-)

Easter Time ... May it bring us all more joy and contentment,
not to mention lots of lovely chocolates!


Halloween ... Trick or treat is lots of fun for young and old,
with goodies waiting behind each door!


Thanksgiving ... The time to give thanks for all that life has
bestowed upon us!

Christmas ... Comes but once a year - but when it comes as
they say ... Oh Boy! I sure do love it!

The New Year ... Time to ring it in with gusto! I am full of
hope that it will be kind to me! :) :-)



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Midi Playing - Holidays

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