"End of the Rainbow"
Playing - Bridge Over Troubled Waters

"The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes
had no tears"
Minquass Proverb

Take Heart - There is joy at the end of a rainbow,
discover this at an unexpected moment!

Recently I saw the most perfect rainbow - it was clearly, and
brightly visible, from one end to the other.

I had been wending my way wearily along in a cold wind,
feeling sad, missing my husband & wondering what life
had next in store for me.

Then I raised my head and saw the rainbow - I stood entranced.

Arriving at my destination I told the receptionist about "my"

We stood & looked at it together, then she said ....

"I believe there is a message there for you - that is
'Old George' pulling the pot of gold down to let you know all
is well with him".

I no longer felt the cold and my spirits lifted.

When I left to make the long walk back to my car, I had
a spring in my step, and peace in my heart.

Thank you Karen for giving me this insight.

That vision of beauty retained it's perfection for half an hour!
The memory of it will last forever!

So now, to me, a beautiful rainbow is like a promise that
all will be well.

Rather like a .....

"Bridge Over Troubled Waters"
(This midi signifies Hope & Love )

When you're weary, feelin' small.
When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all.
I'm on your side, Oh, when times get rough,
and friends just can't be found.
Like a bridge over troubled waters,
I will lay me down.

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Laurie - January 2003







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