Fun 4 All

"Computer Talk"


This may be a dream - or is it a nightmare!

Do listen to the Wav Message ... Be sure you hear it!
My daughter sent it to me :-)


If you are a computer freak like me and want
to hear this message over and over ...
just click refresh :-)


This could be YOU!
Strangers today - maybe friends tomorrow!

Email will always bring a smile to my face!
To hear your news - to wish me well,
or just to receive your hello!



Hey - what about me, cried my trusty

You have worn me to a frazzle!

How True - How True!


"Dont'cha Just Luv It"


Look out below!

An old "hag" is escaping from the monitor



"Leave her to me" cries my trusty C D friend ...

... I will soon catch her and shove her back again,
we can't allow her to roam around scaring
all our friends!

I'll soon make her behave herself" :-)


How many of you fellow webmasters feel as I do!

Sometimes, with our computers and all the
problems that arise with them, if we
didn't laugh, we would cry"

On the other hand how can we live
without them!

Our Friend - our Companion - our Fun!

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Tell me if you liked my computer :-)


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Serendipty Sit Map.

Thank you for visiting with me today!

Laurie  - December 2002 
Updated February 2003






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