"Song of Joy"

! Midi playing Song of Joy - lyrics below


What a Wonderful Word!

The joys of life are plentiful ... just open your
heart and let the joy flow in.

Joys come in both large and small parcels so
share these with others :-


Never is a smile wasted, you will never run out of
them .. to give is to receive.

Rarely is a spontaneous smile not returned!

If you see someone without a smile .. give them
one of yours.


Love and happiness go hand in hand.

Love grows and multiplies making the world such
a happy place to be.

You are never lonely with love in your heart.


Makes the world go round.

A loving hug from a friend is worth a thousand

Friends who wish to sing will always find a song
to share with their friend.

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 Midi - Song of Joy
(to the tune of Beethoven's 9th Symphony)

Come sing a song of joy, for peace shall come My Brother,
Sing, sing a song of joy, for man shall love each other.
That day will come just as sure,
As hearts that are pure are hearts set free,

No man must stand alone with hands held out before him.

Reach out and take them in yours,

With love that endures for evermore,
Then, sing a song of joy for love and understanding.

Come, sing a song of joy, for freedom tells its story,

Sing, sing a song of joy for mankind in his glory,
One mighty voice that will sing,

A song that will ring forever more,
Then, sing a song of joy for love and understanding.


Created by Laurie 2007



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