Fun 4 All

Midi - The more we get together

"Thumbs Up"

Rule of Thumb!

Never use your thumb for a rule.

You'll either hit it with a hammer or get
a splinter in it!


Rules - Rules - Rules!

"Good Friends"
Whisper - Theda - Laurie

They are sticklers for rules, if things go
wrong they go to pieces :-)

Always has a great excuse, but this one
beats any I have heard before!
Ya Gotta obey the road rules Whisper!


If you took much more off it would be
jail for you, for sure!
Ooops - breaking the "decency" rule here!


Practice What You Preach"
You're telling everyone to smile Laurie,
while you're NOT!
Uh-Oh! - same rule for all please!


Stay tuned - more later - if / when I can
ever stop laughing :-)

Thanks for the contribution Gals!




Friends still travelling along in Harmony!

Midi - The more we get together ...

September 2003