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Will the Circle Be Unbroken - Midi





So this is what they think of me! always grumpy in the morning!

OK, so ... whatcha expect? ... I am a Night Owl!


After getting these graphics from Whisper, I cried myself
to sleep last night.


Just because I got "My Wires" crossed!

When I do really know the difference between - Celebration and
Special Request graphics - to be sent to a Serenity member
who was nursing a broken hand.

So I got my Committees mixed up when requesting a graphic
from Whisper - I DID KNOW which graphic I needed to
send, but I bet neither of you two GREAT friends will
ever believe THAT.

I think I must have been having a "Blonde Moment"

Ain't Life A Hoot .... ROFL


Wouldn't it be awful if I sent one of those graphics above
to a member by mistake!

Please note:
Whisper only made the graphics for me as a tease, they
were not really to be sent out.

But you already knew that!

Didn't You :-)


And as for Theda!

Always worrying about the Ring and broken links, no
wonder you look frazzled at times!

Poor Theda!

This midi is for you - hope it soothes you :-)

Will the Circle Be Unbroken   *giggles*



Just keep your eyes peeled my friends and your backs
covered, you never know what I might do next.

 Never mind, I still Luv Ya both, in spite of all the teasing.

PS - I think Nancy would enjoy this!

Shall I send it to her Hmm! - I think I will.


 Now which one is which?
Count me out as the middle one - I could never have
worn heels so high!


Well I did send it to Nancy who had just broken her hand.

She accepted it in the spirit it was sent, and has
given me permission to add it to this
"Meet the Team Set"

Thank you so much Nancy.



We Are In Harmony"


AS USUAL - with *Grins*

Created in fun with much love - by Laurie