Fun 4 All

Midi - you are the sweetest
"Let the Meeting Begin"


I just wish you two dames would make up your minds
says Laurie ... *grins*

Theda jumped in first with a question ...

Probably me says Laurie ... because
I have been known to think I "sent mail"
when actually I had forgotten to.


Whisper sighing ...

"Don't be fooled - she really does like making
graphics for Serenity"


Who? - I guess all of us at one time or another

"Our forgetterer's getting better ...
but our rememberer is broke"


Ok if that's all - it's time for me to go to bed,
have a nice day Girlfriends


Even our "Servant" wants a piece of the "action"


I don't really "Chair" the meeting - I am only the
Webmistress on this occasion - we are all
equal "Partners in Crime"
Says Laurie ...

To see what I mean - before you leave - just visit
"Team Capers"


Midi - you are the sweetest

Created in fun with much love ...

Great graphics by - Whisper
Brilliant idea for page!! - by Laurie
Total support from - Theda :-)

"We Are In Harmony"
 Laurie - October - 2002