Fun 4 All
Midi You are the sweetest

"Let the Meeting Begin"


Typical of Whisper - her mind is always going in
the same direction lately.

I think she is having "A Bad Hair Day"

We happily take "time out" to soothe her
shattered nerves.


After this, Theda moves a point of order - that
Whisper has had the floor long enough and
it is now her turn to speak.

A bad case of "Newsletter Blues" due to the many
glitches experienced lately.

Talk about Prima Donnas ... Duh!!!


Meanwhile the girl from Oz sits and wonders what she
may have let herself in for when she accepted the
invitation to join the Team!!

See what I mean?
OK, OK don't be upset ... I would love to
"Chair" however many you wish ...

Laurie always tries to pull rank - by virtue
of her ancient age.
She is the "Oldest - But Not the Wisest" even
tho' she may think she is!

She is just a typical Night Owl!

Hoots her "nonsense" best after dark!!!


Now lookee here - I just want to state .....

What's her problem!
I'm older than her! - says Laurie ...


Now then Whisper - think before you speak ...

Voted unanimously - Too True - Too True!!


Theda and Laurie agree whole-heatedly here ....

We all have had "A Bad Hair Day"

Perhaps a shampoo is called for - something
we could all use by the looks of these "photos"

All those in favour - say Aye!


Any more items for discussion?
No! well in that case ....

Wait - Wait - don't go yet ...
just another item overlooked - LOL



Midi You are the sweetest

"We Are In Harmony - As Usual"