"Pandora's Box"

Midi Playing - Clare de Lune

The myth of Pandora is very old, appearing
in several different versions - and has
been interpreted in many ways.

One good thing, however, there was hope.

It was the only good thing the casket held,
among the many evils.

My "Pandora's Box" was black and full of hurts.
Whenever I ventured to take a peek inside only
bad memories popped out.
Quickly I would shove everything back and slam
the lid shut tightly, vowing I would never
open it again.

As the years rolled by I gathered the courage to face
the bad memories, until one day - to my surprise,
something beautiful popped out.

"A Friendly Smile"

Slowly and cautiously, not really trusting, I again
took a peek and another beautiful gem
greeted me.

I began to see the box as a thing of beauty, full
now of beautiful memories.

That first friendship smile brought other "gems"
such as learning to trust and believe.

Year after year that very first friend has kept in
touch via email.
He has become a very important part of my life.

Through this friendship I learned to

"Trust - Love - Enjoy"

Whatever life has in store for me.

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 Midi - Clare de Lune


Created by Laurie - 2006



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