The Romantic Teens






What Wonderful Years They Were!

A time for all hopes and wishes,
A time for day-dreams.
A time for love!

Romantic music by moonlight, your dream man by your side.

But in reality it is the pimply, scruffy boy next door who
asks you out.
He displays his feelings with the gift of .....

A Hershey Kiss!

Magical things happen as time goes by;
That pimply boy of yesterday becomes the good looking
young man who comes "a-knocking" on your door.

Bearing gifts.   

Dreams now change - maybe it will be a dinner date?

With a haunting melody from the violin, playing in
the background.

 Dreams are ever changing - now you dream of ...

A romantic bouquet of red roses, and high hopes;
that one day it will be a sparkling ring
placed on your finger.

Shown so proudly to all your friends and
Oh What Joy!


Dreams have become a reality that sees you walking
up the aisle, where your mate for life
awaits you .....

Wedding rings are exchanged with the pledge of
Love Forever!



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Laurie March 2002