My Love is like a     Red, Red Rose!

There are many ways of expressing your love.
These should not be confined to a gift from
him to her.

It is also only right for both to show
their love; one to the other,
now and always.


 Such as this Midi  

I'll be loving you - always
 With a love that's true - always
 When the things you planned,
 Need a helping hand,
 I will understand,
 Always - Always.

Days may not be fair - always
That's when I'll be there - always
Not for just an hour,
Not for just a day,
Not for just a year,
But Always.

One of my favourite tunes



Roses are Red,  My Love
Violets are Blue ...

 Flowers speak volumes, a much better way
than any other that man can devise.

 The Red, Red Rose surpasses
all others.

Their perfume will linger in the heart



A lovely token of love, from him.

One that will stay close to your heart, around your
neck and in your mind.

It will always be there.

A plain gold chain would be perfect to him,
from her.




 Sweets for the sweet. How true!

Doubly sweet when you can sit close and share them.

As your dip into the candy box - so too, will you dip
into the facets of life and love.

Sharing - Ever Sharing!




  Give me your hand and I will take hold
 I will walk beside you down the road you're travelling

 Give me your hand and I will squeeze tight
 I will love you for the beautiful person you are

I will share my life with you as you have shared yours

 Give me your hand and I will never leave you
 I will be here for you through eternity

For without each other     
  the  world would not be the same.
~Author Unknown~

 These words are so beautiful - I wish I had written them.




When you give your heart, give it freely with no
strings attached.

Love is giving and holding on tight to
all you hold dear.


Please feel free to express your feelings
within my book.



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Mid i- Playing "Always"

Created by Laurie - March 2002






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