What Goes Around Comes Around!

Vanessa's Turn!
A different child altogether - and a much colder year Brrr!

What Vanessa enjoyed most was the sneaking away from her
younger sister - Miranda HaHa!

Great Excitement - Huh!
Did I say Aldonna was timid Hmm! *grins*
Vanessa was terrible - and stubborn - Oh Boy! I had to go in
first while she watched.
No way could I get her to follow me - I stood in the freezing water
begging her to come and join me!

All to no avail - I tried for three days and still Vanessa would not get
in the pool, not even a toe touched water!

So a shivering, very wet Gran and a bone dry child went back
to the tents.
The next morning I had a severe cold, for the first time in my life
a cold was my "friend"
I was confined to bed for three days, I really was quite sick.

Naturally that was the end of the early morning pool visits with
She never did get wet!
And Now ...
Vanessa is the mother of Ethan, 2yrs old in these photos ...
... and she plays the same games with him.


I was dreading the thought of another early morning stint at the pool,
but luck was going my way - it was never necessary, she had no
fears in the water - but I did make sure she had her
"time alone" with me.

When Miranda was 7 yrs old she asked her Mother if she could go to the
pool without her sisters.
Linda replied - "When you're older and more sensible you will be able
to go to the swimming pool alone"

Miranda putting on a pleading face and said ... "I'm nearly sensible now"

Poppa was always willing to go with the girls, they never felt he was
there to stop their fun - rather he made them feel safe!



This is the story behind that quote!
When the girls were little they loved to race Gran across the pool,
I would give then half a pool start.
Gradually they whittled the lead away and eventually .. I .. was given
a head start.
I finally called a halt - they were giving me a lead of once across the
pool and they STILL beat me!

Then Vanessa - the timid one HaHa! - said to her sisters, "let's teach
Gran to put her head under water.
They had forgotten that I actually taught them *grins*

I went along with it and they "taught me" and were so thrilled.
The joy on Vanessa's face was so beautiful to see,
"She had helped her Gran"

"By your pupils you'll be taught" ... And I Loved It!


Gradually I was able to just go and sit on the lawn in the sun and
watch them at play - the best way to go swimming!

Oh What Joy!

Another chance to see the other photos! :-)


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