What Goes Around Comes Around!
Swimming @ Kelso Sands Caravan Park!
Three generations enjoying the sunshine!
Fun in the pool - once icy cold but now-a-days it is solar heated :-)

When my eldest Granddaughter Aldonna, was about 4 yrs old she was very
timid about being in the pool, she never felt safe.
She and I had a very close relationship, and I could do no wrong in her eyes!
So I thought perhaps she might come into the pool with me if we had the
pool to ourselves.

The Park Owners saw what we were doing and opened the pool 30 minutes
earlier for us, so that we would not be disturbed.
(I thank them so much for that!)

We needed to get to the pool by 9am - a difficult thing for a Night Owl to
manage - but I did!

So off we trotted, not without using sneaky means to elude Vanessa, the next
Granddaughter ... this time in the water together needed to be one-on-one!

So What Is the Big Deal with This!
The truth is, I am also a timid pool person - I can barely swim - what I actually
do is "flounder" across the pool, being careful not to let my head go
under the water and NEVER get out of my depth.

"What an adventure Aldonna and I had!"
We first walked slowly down 2 steps, then I took her in my arms.

To calm her fears we played "Bouncy Bouncy" with me jumping up and
down, slowly turning until she started to forget her fears.
Thank goodness there were no witnesses HaHa!
Actually we needed the movement to stop feeling the cold so much.

After a short time we wrapped ourselves in towels and to make the last of
the lesson (?) stay a good memory ... I popped a Cool Mint in her mouth.
Chewing this on the way back also stopped her teeth from chattering.

As time passed I taught her to float.
Another year a "Brave Gran" held her nose and showed the girls how
to bob down under the water.

Eventually Aldonna asked me to teach her to swim *giggles*
Luckily she doted on her Stepfather Barry, and I was able to convince
her that he would be a wonderful teacher.
And He Was!

More photos as the three girls grow up!


Vanessa's Turn! An entirely different story!


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