My "Retreat"

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15th December 2005
*~*~* *~*
Beauty @ the Park! 
On arriving I report in at Reception before going to my site:-)
Even the Amenities Block is a sea of colour!

    Ladies to the left, men to the right - laundry in the middle Haha!

These photos do not really do the grounds justice, the flower
beds are so bright and colourful.

But as usual - time passes all too quickly!
And now it is time for me to sign out, saying goodbye
until my next visit :-)

NB: Sadly I learned during this weekend away - that I would most
likely need to look for another builder to finish my van - I do hope
that I can

When I do find someone to complete the job for me I will
(I hope) have more photos for you to view :-)


  *~*~* *~* * *~*~* * *~* *~*~*