Christmas in Australia!
"Christmas in the Sun"

Here in the Southern Hemisphere it is well into our summertime, at times
we are experiencing a heat wave - but that never turns many of us from
having the traditional English Christmas Dinner of roast chicken, pork
and ham, this is followed by our beloved "Plum Pudding" known also
as "Plum Duff"
Some Australians choose to have a beach BBQ ... or around the family
swimming pool, be it in the city or in the bush.

Boxing Day ...

December 26 is another holiday known as Boxing Day.
An English custom that Australians also celebrate. it is said to go back
to medieval times when it was the custom to break open the church
Alms Boxes to help the poor
An Australian Boxing day holiday has all the advantages of Christmas
with lots of food and drinks, plus a chance to doze in an armchair during
daylight hours, while watching the major sporting events on TV.
For the more energetic you can actually attend a test match at the
Melbourne Cricket Ground, watch the start of the Sydney to Hobart
Yacht Race, or attend a sporting event in your
For those who like a quiet family day, a picnic to the countryside or
on the beach, is their choice:-)
Merry Xmas
from Australia

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