"Carols by Candle Light"

The warm weather allows Australians to enjoy a tradition which
commenced in 1937.

It all began when a radio announcer who, passing a small house one
Christmas Eve, saw an old lady through her window, listening to carols
on the radio whilst holding a lighted candle.

Carols by Candlelight are now held every year during week prior
to Christmas Day.

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They are held in the open air in most Australian towns and cities.

This photo is one taken a few years ago, on a fine night, in Sydney ...
the Capital City of New South Wales.

Thousands of people gather to sing their favourite Christmas songs
and to hear popular TV stars sing, they are not professional
singers they are from the casts of many TV series.

They donate their time and consider it a tremendous honour to
be selected to perform.

The evening is aglow with the many candles held by crowds as
they enjoy themselves singing along with the stage performers.

Masses of local children form a choir on stage with the
Salvation Army Band.

The highlight of the evening for the children is Santa arriving
with all his elves.

Families begin gathering early in the day, armed with rugs and
picnic hampers.
No matter what the weather is like it never deters them, and sometimes it does rain but they come prepared for any weather :-)

The Sydney and Melbourne Carols by Candlelight are telecast
every year.

In Essence ...
Carols By Candlelight is a daytime gathering of children,
and grandparents singing the carols, celebrating the ...
"wonders of Christmas"

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