Windermere Church



St Mathias Church, at Winderemere was named after Dr Matthias Gaunt,
who came out from England with his family.

He built this tiny Church for his wife Eliza, completing it in 1843.

The church itself is nestled among the very old and shady English trees
where old gravestones all "stand to attention" in the foreground of
the church.


The church is used mainly for picturesque weddings, these are
booked well in advance, only a limited number are held each year.

Many wedding guests have to remain outside and listen to the service
because of the smallness of the church.

One of the most beautiful parts of the church is the magnificant
stained glass windows.

The church looks down to the Tamar River, the small jetty is a popular
spot to dangled a fishing line - and maybe sometimes even manage
catch a few fish. :-)

I know because I caught a few when I was younger :-)

When my husband and I visited the Church recently we saw the
gravestones of Dr Mathias and his family.

Cherry orchards are all around as you meander along from the
highway down to the river.
They are a beauty to behold in blossom time.


 Unfortunately we have not been to Windermere at the right time
to take photos but I intend to visit next spring and will (I hope)
get some then.



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