Midi - Cruising Down the River ... 

"Odyssey" River Cruise

Come see the beauty of the river ...


... and enjoy the comfort of the Odyssey Cruise

This new Catamaran Cruiser arrived at Homepoint Pontoon
in 1996.

A luxurary cruiser compared to the one below, which was the one
we took the children on ... many years ago :-)

Our trip on the Rosney - built 1913

The Tamar River is 70km's long and is the longest navigatable
tidal estuary, along the way we saw black swans, pelicans, sea eagles
and sometimes, if you are lucky, friendly dolphins and/or seals too.

We were not that lucky Duh!

Linda & Terry boarding ...

With me & Mother-in-Law ......... all aboard & ready to go!

Many families were aboard and it wasn't long before all the kids
played games as we leisurely cruised along, it was a slow day trip
in those days.

At the turning around point was a place called Whirlpool Reach,
it was fascinating cruising through these busy, busy whirlpools,
even a little scary.

Today - the criuse on the Odyssey is much more "sophisticated"
But the river never loses its charm!

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