"What Tremendous Courage!"

Mine Disaster
April 25th 2006

A Tribute
To the trapped Miners ... the Rescuers ... the Support Groups
and the Beaconsfield Township.

With Special Prayers being said for the family of Larry Knight.

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"Where friendships grow"

A Township dear to my heart

For over 25 years now, we have travelled through, and shopped
at Beaconsfield, on the way to enjoy yet another holiday
at the Kelso Sands Caravan Park.

May 9th 2006

"They Are Up"

Was the cry from hundreds of voices as the men emerged from
the mine.

Todd hugs his family after 2 weeks of being entombed underground.


Brant Webb                               Todd Russell.
Leaving in separate ambulances, for the trip to the hospital
in Launceston.

The "mateship" that united the whole Nation during this disaster
proves what I have always felt.

"We are a Great Country"

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"The Press"
Words cannot express how really kind and understanding they were.

Many, I believe, visited families when off duty, just to bring them
comfort and companionship.

"The Television Crews"
There was no real "competition" between any of the media, they
shared the news.
There was never the feeling of trying to be "one up" on each other.

"The Support Groups"
So many wonderful groups and individuals gathered at the mine,
help was there for all.
Counselling sessions at any time - day or night.

Even in the mine, for the trapped men, once voice contact was

Any person entering the mine during those 2 weeks were putting
their own lives in danger - but this did not deter them.

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"The Jokes"
The trapped men had not lost their sense of humour.

When the rescuers finally made contact - the men said ...

"What Kept You So Long"

One miner asked for a newspaper - so that he can look for a new job!
The other said he was going to claim overtime.

The boss replied with "I'm gunna fine ya both for laying down on
the job!"

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Without the continuous jokes that were being exchanged between the
miners below and their rescuers, the all night vigils - held by
families, friends and total strangers - the waiting in
the cold night air ...

Would have been almost unbearable.

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Laurie 2006