Midi - Lavender Blue, Dilly dilly ...
Nabowla Lavender Farm

Situated in Northern Tasmania - Australia

We first came across this lavender field many years ago, it was
just a small family farm then, experimenting with lavender.

It was situated on the top of a small mountain, up a dirt track,
and quite isolated.

Today it is the largest and oldest lavender farm in the
Northern Hemisphere; a thriving industry and a major tourist
attraction, at its most spectacular in December and January.

Lavender oil from this farm is the only source of perfumery
outside of Europe, and is said to be the largest single production
unit in the world.

About 12 years ago we took our grandchildren to enjoy this
spectacular place!


Left - Hubby and two grand daughters amidst the lavender and the bees!

Right - Heading down for the "Grand Tour" of the oil extracting shed.


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Midi - Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly ...

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