Launceston City


Chalmers Church


  I am almost ready to go home - but first follow me as I show you a little
about my walk across the square to play bingo :-)

I have parked my car outside Chalmers old church, this was known in its
heyday as the "Wedding Cake" church.

It has been privately owned for some time and used as a residence.

The community use the upper levels to display their arts, and
the owner lives in the lower section.

Crossing the road I walk into the Princes Square, passing a statue of
Dr Pugh, the first doctor in the Southern Hemisphere to use
an anesthetic.

Morton house, a block down, was his hospital; in later years it
became the Red Cross House.

Dr Pugh lived in a modest dwelling on the corner across from the

One day I was walking back to my car with my mind miles away, I nearly
walked into somebody - I quickly said sorry as I looked up, I felt such
a fool as I realized I was apologising to a statue :-) :-)

As I reach the centre of the Square I pass the historic french
fountain, always a lovely spot to stay and sit awhile, it is always calm
and peaceful there, sheltered under a canopy of ancient oak trees,
listening to the gentle sound of the water from the fountain.


One final view of the beautiful Tamar countryside ...

This view is looking northwest across the banks to the
mountains in the background.

Thank you for joining me as we travelled the Tamar Valley,
it has been a pleasure having you with me :-)

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