Hillwood Strawberry Farm


Situated at a beautiful little hamlet right at the river edge, here
you can pick your own strwberries at your leisure.
You can also eat as many as you like whilst picking :-)

We took took our children there many years ago when the farm
was just getting to be known.

Up and down the rows we went - each trying to find the biggest
fruit, the kids buckets never seemed to get full, they were
eating them as fast as they were picking them.

We took time out and had a picnic in the shade of the beautiful
trees, the kids thought it was a "super" way to spend a day :-)

No prize for guessing their re-action when asked if they wanted
strawberries for dessert that evening.

I can still hear them say ...
"Oh Mu-uuum Nooo"


It is a thriving tourist "must visit" trip - you can still pick your
own berries - from a selection of many varieties, as well as
enjoying a free tasting of the local wines and cheeses.

Some of the wines are Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant
and Apple & Honey.

Bus loads of tourists visit and enjoy the "fruits of their labour"
during the picking season :-)


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