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Grindelwald Village


 There is something very special about Grindelwald.

 A Swiss migrant to Tasmania, who made his fortune as a supermarket
owner, he then created this beautiful Village.




Began as a residental village and has expanded over the years!

This Swiss village is just 15 minutes from Launceston, the tranquillity
of the Tamar Valley is very evident in this idyllic place.

A Restarant and a Bar at the lakeside, a Shopping Square & Bakery,
to name but a few!

Enjoy a picnic by the lake, hire a paddleboat, or play golf or tennis.
The tennis courts are suitable for all weathers. :-)

 In the early days we would take any Mainland guests to enjoy this
idyllic "out of this world" place.


 In 1983 developing the Grindelwald Swiss Village began.

The homes were all beautiful - the gardens a joy to behold - the lake had
a small rustic bridge across to a tiny chapel.

Ducks and geese wandered in and out of the lake in a most contented

We roamed over and around unfinished homes, many of them had the
main bedroom looking out on the lake - almost the whole wall was

We dreamed of living there one day - but of course our pockets were
never full enough to be able to afford the dream!

It was magical even then in its incomplete state!

It was many years before it became a Tourist Resort!

It was charming then and stil is today, so many years and changes


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